As a visual artist, Joost van Manen finds the inner beauty and strength of his subjects by capturing expressions and emotions in a natural, honest and personal way. His aesthetic is a fine and a seductive elegance, with threads of innocence and dreaminess running through. His romantic vision focuses on purity and a certain vulnerability to reveal the power of personalities.

After completing a business degree from the university of Groningen (the Netherlands), Joost van Manen joined the Academy for Photography of Amsterdam in the late 90’s. In parallel, he took on a role at the photo camera department at the European headquarters of Canon. After a 5-year career in business, instead of a management career, he decided to follow his heart and become a fulltime photographer.

Within just a few years, Joost has compiled an impressive portfolio. His work has been published in numerous magazines, a number of books, and was shown at a successful exhibition, and he has won several international photography awards.

He shoots both on location and in his own studio that is based conveniently in the centre of Amsterdam.

Joost’s photography focuses on portraits, fashion, fine art and travel; an area where he has found a fine balance between technique and intuition. With his unique elegant style, he is capturing both beauty and authenticity in the world of fashion and entertainment.